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Kythera, Greece

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(+30) 6945193970
(+30) 6972364035
(+30) 27360-31090


(+30) 27360-31093


Potamos, Kythira, Zip Code 80200



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For our online booking of ferry tickets we recommend the travel agency ``KITHIRA TRAVEL``.

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Kythira is connected to Athens by small aircraft of the Aegean airlines(Olympic Air) on daily routes. (Tel. Center: 27360 33297)
From Athens by


  • From Piraeus to Kythira with the company SEA JETS in collaboration with the Drakakis Tours Agency -
  • From Gythio, Laconia to Kythira with the ship ``IONIS``.
  • From Neapoli, Laconia, with ``Porphyrousa``.
  • Tel. Neapolis reservations: 27340-24004 and 27340-29004
  • Reservations phone number of Kythera: 2736031390
  • The new port of the island is located in the area ``Diakofti``.


There is no permanent internal transport. During the summer months buses serve arrivals from the airport and the port to the main villages of the island.
With Lakonia KTEL from Athens to Neapoli and Athens for Gythio. For domestic voyages on the island during the summer months: +30 6976260668



Contact us or easily search the internet for taxi owners. (Tel. Taxi complaints: +30 6977991799)

LIDEA Boutique Hotel

Respect for the island’s local community, history, culture and environment are at the heart of LIDEA’s philosophy, as is respect for people, co-workers and guests.

LIDEA Boutique Hotel