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Kythera, also known as the oldest Venetian name Cerigo, is an island located in southern Greece, south of the Peloponnese and south of Elafonisos and Cavo Malia.


Incredibly rich history and rare beauty are exemplified by the following: its historical traditions, local culture and educated, sociable inhabitants.


Conveniently located in the island’s commercial centre. A stay in Potamos allows our guests to make the most of their time in a different way, touring around the island.

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If you are asking yourself why you should visit Kythira, the answer is that many consider it a select destination. It is for you to discover the reasons why.

Why visitors return to Kythira

Visitors return to Kythira again and again for reasons you have to see with your own eyes, just as we did.

I visit Kythira

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From the historical monuments to the newer destinations, here are some of the best sights of Kythera for both locals and tourists.

Κάστρο Χώρας

Venetian Castle

Venetian castle on the edge of Chora where you will enter through a tunnel. The Archives of the Kythira Historical Archives are housed in the administration since 16th century.


Panaghia Mirtidiotissa

Moni Mirtidion, is the largest monastery in Kythera! Located in the area of Mirtidia in the west of the island, it is built on a natural rocky opening among many myrtles! The icon of Panaghia Mirtidiotissa is the island’s most precious relic and the patron of all Kytherians.


Γαστρονομία – Τοπικά προϊόντα

Τα Κύθηρα είναι ένας παράδεισος τοπικών προϊόντων με πολλές μικρά χωριά. Είναι διάσημα για το αρνί, το θυμαρίσιο μέλι, τα τοπικά γλυκά (αμύγδαλα, πεπόνια, κούκλες, πανσέδες κλπ.), το κεράσι (λικέρ και λικέρ φρούτων) κ.α.
Τοπικά πιάτα, όπως κολοκυθανθούς γεμιστούς, ξινόχοντρο με μελιτζάνες, καλτσούνι τηγανητά λουβία ή πλαγιομάνους συμπόρου (κουκιά) κ.α. θα βρείτε
στις ταβέρνες.