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Underwater World

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In Kythera, the island where Afrodite was born, underwater destinations are endless.
Join in the exploration of the magical Greek underwater world (wrecks, caves, reefs).
Dive in Kythera with the Kythera certified Dive Center with whom we cooperate.

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“If you are over the age of 10 you can be trained and certified as a scuba diver or an open water diver.”
Kythera Dive Center
, Scuba Experience

Enjoy the truly Kythira

Conduct walking holidays and other outdoor activities with experienced guides in friendly prices of local office with whom we cooperate, that offers many walking options: individual trekking tours, guided walks, group walking holidays and the well-known olive picking walking weeks.

Car rental in Kythira

To get to know all the points of Kythera, we suggest you rent a car.
You can contact us and provide you with all the necessary information about a local car rental office with whom we cooperate with friendly prices.

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